Weight Loss Journey

I have yet to find my weight watchers book from last time I joined so I can't post my week by week losses here yet.

I joined weight watchers in Spring 2010 because my friend had such total success on it and it motivated me. She ended up losing about 100 lbs and then went on to have a beautiful and healthy baby after that.

From the time I joined in the spring until the end of the summer, I lost about 40 lbs. My weight started at 216.2lbs and I ended up at 177lbs. I felt good about myself. At the end of the summer, I went back to my meetings at home (I lived in Reno, NV with my husband for the summer before he moved here) and registered a gain of a bunch. My leader wasn't there and I was looking forward to seeing her after 2 months in Reno. These two reasons coupled with the fact that my grandpa died the next day made me need comfort food. I started eating unhealthy foods.

I think it took about a week before I was totally off plan and this was due to my grandpa passing away and the stress of the student I was working with. Later in Sept, we put my dog down and that just made it all worse. Josh and I got a new dog that was actually ours and not my parents' and things looked up. Work was still really stressful and I was dealing with that.

After the new year I tried to get back on a weight loss train but I couldn't do it when it was just myself I was answering to.

In March Josh went to weight watchers and it was his turn to be the paying member since last time we did it, it was me. I struggled along for a while and then in April I found out I was pregnant. I kept eating healthy but then started wanting junky food. Josh dove off the wagon to come eat with me (he wouldn't let me stop him...).

Then at the end of April, I miscarried at almost 8 weeks. That dumped more stress on me and the student was still stressful and there was no chance I could go back to weight watchers yet. I didn't know how to deal with it and I was distraught.

Work was really stressful for me at the end of the year (June) and I lived in that stress all summer and still am living with some of it.

When we went back to work, I realized how sweaty I felt doing stupid things and it was embarrassing. Two weeks later I rejoined weight watchers and my starting weight was 227.8 lbs.

I hope I'll never see that number on the scale again (with the exception of a pregnancy started before lifetime) and I'm trying to learn to cope with my stress. I've started off right and asked my leader for materials on dealing with stress. I'm open to suggestions as long as people don't tell me to go exercise. That might do it for me, but I don't want to do it and therefore I'll be in a grumpy mood while I'm trying to de-stress and somehow I don't think it will have the total desired effect.

As of right now, I sit at 199.8lbs after 14 weeks on Weight Watchers again. I'm feeling great and I am thrilled to finally be back under 200. Onederland feels great!

UPDATE: November 21/12

On January 15th I got a positive pregnancy test after about 34lbs lost (a few weeks after the previous update actually). I immediately stopped restricting. My weight shot up right away. Between cravings and aversions, I didn't continue to eat healthy. My weight went up faster than I would have liked. I ended my pregnancy at 241lbs. Since then I've lost (including the baby himself) 16lbs. I'm back and ready to lose weight again!

UPDATE: December 31/14

I've been back at it for three weeks so far and have lost 7.6lbs. My life is busy. We have since had a 2nd baby and she is now 4.5 months old. My goal is to stay with it for more than 18 weeks so far. Eighteen weeks seems to be my fall off point :/