Sunday, October 9, 2011

ONEderland is still distant

I've still got 17ish lbs to go before I get back to ONEderland. It's still a dream, but not as far off as it used to be :) I'm so excited. I'll finally be closer to that point where I won't be embarrassed to tell people what I weigh and where I started :)

Right now, I'm at the starting weight of my first go at Weight Watchers. Phooey. I wish so badly that I hadn't quit.


  1. I am so proud of you for what you are doing! I wish I had your drive right now. Your blog is great and I love reading it :) I wish I could be losing weight but for some reason I just can't commit/get in the swing of it.

  2. Thanks Jayme! <3 I love blogging everything I'm eating and it helps keep me honest. Last time on WW, I usually didn't bother writing down what I ate for dinner. I usually calculated it so I could see if I had enough points but I never wrote it down. Doing it this way, I make sure I calculate because I would like to put this into a book form when I reach goal weight and I don't want to have lied to myself.