Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mindless Munching

I'm sure Mindless Munching affects all of us at some point. Movie theatres are bad for mindless munching as well as watching movies with family and maybe even eating in front of the TV.

My husband is a TERRRRIBLE mindless muncher. I've had chips on my desk in the past (like a whole bag) and I came home after working and the bag is empty. It's there, it's within reach and he eats it while he's bored. This was all in between our two WW goes. I haven't noticed it recently, thankfully, because I get protective of my food and I will eat more and faster to ensure that I get what I want.

Mindless munching can work FOR me in some situations. For example, I have two big BOXES of Zotz sitting right beside my desk. I've even separated some of the rows into individual candies and still they sit at my desk, beside my desk, or ON my desk and I forget about them. Therefore, I have no mind and I'm not munching! If I open chips or candies, I eat them. If they're closed up, I forget about them :)

Dinner time is bad and good in this sense. We tend to eat at our computers. We get dinner ready and sit down and I get into something on my computer and forget about the fact that I have food sitting there.
  • THE GOOD: I eat it slowly and sporadically and therefore know better than ever when I am full.
  • THE BAD: Hubby gets home late and therefore if I eat slowly and forget about my food, it's cold AND it's close to 7:30 when I finish eating.

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