Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 7 Day 6

I fully anticipate a gain tomorrow. I really think that Sunday's food messed me up... last time I'll do that... Sneak peek showed me up 1.4 this morning... blah

Total: 0 PP

1. yogurt: 2 PP
Total: 2 PP

1. orange: 0 PP
2. jello: 0 PP
3. pepperoni and cheese: 4 PP
Total: 4 PP

1. hamburger helper: 14 PP
Total: 14 PP

Water Drank: 7/8 c.

Total: 18/35
Weeklies Used: 0/49
Weeklies Left: 0/49
AP's Earned This Week: 1


  1. Good Luck. This week seems to be a write off for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Friday.

  2. I wish my WI day was friday. I could eat what I want on the weekends without going overboard and then be really good during the week like I am normally.

    I got my fingers crossed for you.

    This morning before shower, it showed a loss of 0.2lbs. Now I don't eat or drink much on WI days since I get up late so that loss could stick. My scale tends to be 0.6lb above the WW scales too :)