Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday Choices

Well Sunday was tough. We ate in non chain restaurants so they didn't have nutrition guides available. I didn't make the smartest choices but because I'm so picky there really wasn't much there that I would have been willing to eat. I tried Josh's bolognese pasta and I didn't like the sauce. I was happy with my alfredo pasta.
  • I didn't eat all of it.
  • The dessert was a small piece and I ate only the small piece of the one I had been craving since we walked in (peanut butter chocolate stack). I didn't touch the others that we had ordered to share.
  • Only drank water.

At dinner, it was another non chain. I stayed away from pasta but there were not a lot of things that I would have been willing to eat. For dessert, it was a total wing it moment. I looked at the menu and KNEW I had to have the chocolate peanut butter pie. It was AMAZING.
  • I didn't eat all of my dinner. I ate the chicken but left some fries.
  • Only drank water.

(Good choices shown as bullets)

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