Monday, November 7, 2011

I did it!

I did it. I managed and I still have a ton of weeklies left. I was reasonable and didn't eat things that I didn't want just because they were there.

For example, I took a small portion of alfredo pasta on Saturday for dinner and a small portion of pomodoro pasta as well because I know pomodoro was lower points since it was a mix of alfredo and red sauce. I really wanted the alfredo pasta. The pomodoro I could take or leave but since they ordered only one pizza, I could only have one slice and I needed food so I had some. I took carrots as well but the salad was not a low fat caesar dressing so I stayed away from it (I think it was ranch and I hate ranch).

On Saturday for lunch (I think) I really really wanted a croissant and had wanted one since breakfast so I had one. They ordered in sandwich trays for lunch and the sandwiches all had mustard on them (really, why do ALLLLL of them have mustard...) so I stayed away from those. The croissant portion was 9 PP for 2 (small). I had one and counted it as 5 PP. I also microwaved it for 10 sec so it was nice and warm... MMMM it was good.

Sunday's lunch out with my grandparents and mom was an OOPS... I knew we were going to boston pizza and I tried to order pizza that would be 5 PP per slice but accidentally ordered regular crust so it was 7 PP each slice... blah.

I used 9 weeklies yesterday and wasn't hungry. I had a small dinner (well the chocolate milk was a treat) and had been stuffed from lunch. It was great.

As of this morning I'm down 0.6lbs anyways so I know I'm on the right track.

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