Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Radio QOTD

A radio station here posted this as their question of the day on their facebook page and also opened it for callers on the air this morning:
Nicole Sherzinger admits she's been dieting since she 
was 14 years old. Is it ok for a 14 year old to diet?

The cohost of the morning show, named Robin, shared her story this morning. She said that she was a chubby kid at age 9 and her mom took her to a nutritionist. She slimmed down and from the sounds of it, didn't have a problem with weight after that. She considers herself average sized now and goes by the fit of her clothes rather than her weight. I believe she said that she struggled with thinking about her weight and food a lot, but seems to be okay now.

My opinion on the question is: I don't think dieting is the right mindset for anyone. If you change your eating habits for life and look at it as a permanent change rather than the temporary one of a diet, if you actually are overweight, then you'll be able to keep the weight off.

I tried to call in and share my story as well this morning but couldn't get through and needed to get to work.

When I was 16, my family decided to start on the Atkins diet. I have always been overweight, probably since about age 9/10. I am a TOTAL pasta person and it was torture to me to have meat forced on me and pasta taken away. I'm sure you all know, but Atkins is a diet where (at least in the first two weeks), you try eat fewer than 20g of carbs each day. Fiber knocks off carbs and fat is good for you. 

Well, to have the diet forced on me and my favourite foods taken away from me just made me cheat where I could (which wasn't very many places) and made me rebel against diets and healthy eating until I made that choice for myself and became self-motivated.

The moral of the story is: force a kid/teen/whoever to diet, they may rebel against it and defeat the purpose of the diet to begin with. This is why we will teach our children healthy eating right from the beginning of their lives.

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