Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Momentum vs. Points Plus

Josh hasn't been having much luck with Points Plus. He's lost 12.4lbs in 11 weeks. Now, yes, on paper that looks okay but the majority of that loss came in the first three weeks and after that he's been gaining and losing or just losing less than 0.5.

Last time his weight just fell off him and it was so easy. This time, it's pretty easy for me but not for him. I honestly don't think that it's the Points Plus system that's not working. I think that he doesn't want to give his all to it or that his loss might be the same on any plan because it's just harder to lose weight the 2nd time. Some people have to work harder than others the second time around.

I think Momentum will work for him because he wants it to work. But if it doesn't, he can always try Simply Filling.


  1. Good job Josh! Any weight lost is what counts. I'm having a heck of a time with these holidays - I can't seem to get back on track. I also don't like the new PP program :( I felt like it was easier to lose weight with the old program.

  2. The new plan is healthier. It takes into account better things than the old plan does. Fat, fibre and cals didn't account for healthy choices with the same info. 100 cal packs were 2 points and an apple was 2 point. This plan makes people make the better choices. Give it time and memorize your regular foods. It will feel natural eventually.