Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Back to it

Finally the day I've been waiting for is here! Yesterday I resigned up for weight watchers! Carlo is 7 weeks old tomorrow and I'm ready to get healthy and lose weight!

My starting weight is 225.2 lbs and I get 51 P+ per day because of nursing!

My doctor didn't give me the go ahead to diet... but WW isn't a diet, right? It's a healthy eating lifestyle change. My plan right now is to watch my baby's weight gain and my milk supply for this month and make sure I'm eating when I'm hungry. If he doesn't gain much or my supply seems to be dropping, I'll stop WW. I think that I'll have no problem staying in my points without restricting. I need the motivation of WW to actually change my eating habits so I'm really helping Carlo out here by getting healthy and getting more of the nutrients that I need.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome Back! :oD

    I rejoined WW when Nico was 6 weeks old, and never had a problem with milk supply or anything. Like you said, you get extra Points for breastfeeding, and WW isn't a diet!

    You will be fine hunni I am sure :o)

    Did you mention WW specifically to your doctor? It seems odd that he wouldn't give you the go ahead :o/

    Anyhoo, good luck for your new journey! :o)

    Tali xx