Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 1 Day 1

Day 1 back on plan. I did well all day until I decided to have 2 servings of goldfish crackers before I figured out the points. Oops... We also had dinner with our friends for a pre-thanksgiving thing. I didn't figure out the points and I didn't eat too well there either. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and we're cooking out own dinner!

instant oatmeal x 2: 8 P+
bacon x 2: 2 P+
1 c milk: 2 P+
orange: 0 P+
Total: 12 P+

havarti and turkey sandwich: 6 P+
grilled turkey and cheese: 5 P+
pickle: 0 P+
orange: 0 P+
yogurt tube: 0 P+
Total: 11 P+

goldfish crackers x 2 servings: 8 P+
toast with PB and honey: 5 P+
1/2 c egg whites: 2 P+
Total: 15 P+

chicken with bacon
cauliflower with cheese
biscuits x 2
pumpkin pie with whipped cream
Total: ??

Water drank: didn't track

Total: ??/51
Weeklies Used: 0/49
Weeklies Left: 49/49

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  1. One day at a time - you can do it! :o)

    Tali xx