Thursday, December 11, 2014

Long time no post!

What have I been up to? Well, I made it 10 weeks last time but got discouraged that I couldn't give it my all for fear of losing my milk supply for my son. The slow weight loss was discouraging for me but I'm determined to not let that get me down this time. That little 2-3 month old is now this big toddler. He turned 2 in october.

And beyond that? When you have one kid... 

...they tend to multiply ;) Carlo's little sister Sierra was born August 12, 2014, and she turns 4 months old tomorrow.

Then when Miss Sierra was almost 2 months old, I fell down some stairs and sprained my ankle. It sucked and it's still not 100%. I still wear a brace when I leave the house or else I'm in pain after walking a bit. Of course, it's rainy season and my brace doesn't fit in my rain boots. So we've been sticking around the house more than I'd like lately... Being soaked and having cold feet is no fun at all.

I'm determined to stick with it through rough weeks and gains and slow losses. I don't have all of my attention to devote to this anymore and that's just life. I have to do it within the rest of my life and make time for it.

My game plan:
  • eat healthy
  • use nap time to get some activity points in
  • try make it through a month of the 30 day shred

I just can't figure out how many extra nursing points I should get. Of course, from Sierra, I get the amount for an exclusively breastfed baby, but Carlo still nurses as well, so I have no clue how many to add for him. It will probably be a few weeks of monitoring my supply and my hunger level.

Week 1 Goals:
  • get some exercise during nap time 5/7 days
  • do 30 day shred 5/7 days
  • drink 3 water bottles full per day (one bottle is just shy of 1L)
  • no pop

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