Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Early Week 3 Goal Check In & Week 4 Goals

Checking in a day early because I know I'll be disappointed if I gain due to NYE goodies and I want to have some tonight.

Week 3 Loss: -1.2lbs. Pretty exciting since this was christmas week and I definitely ate lots of extra things that I normally don't.

Week 3 Goals:
  • goal weight - 145lbs
  • 2lbs a month: December done.
  • chase Carlo around the mall 2 times this week: This week was weird. We got to the mall but I always had someone else with me because they're on vacation too
  • drink 3 water bottles full per day (one bottle is just shy of 1L): I think I got this MOST days, but not all. I have a water tracker now so it will be easier to keep track.
  • pop ONLY christmas day: Definitely didn't make this this week. But I didn't have pop randomly, just while with family at least :)
  • pick three sweets from my stocking and give the rest away: I kept more than three but haven't eaten too many yet.
  • no sneaky peeks on the scale: done
  • salad at least two times: done

Week 4 Goals:
  • goal weight - 145lbs
  • 2lbs a month (new month)
  • 15 very active minutes on my fitbit 5x this week
  • drink 3L of water
  • pop ONLY NYE and NYD (dinner only)
  • no more than one stocking sweet per day
  • no sneaky peeks on the scale
  • salad at least two times

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