Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Party

So hubby's work had their christmas party this weekend. Yes, it was in January. How pathetic, right? Lol.

Anyways, my choices were good.

  • no alcohol (I was the DD anyways)
  • a glass or two of diet coke
  • multiple glasses of water
  • one trip to the buffet
  • one piece of bread
  • a bit of salad, some turkey, some potatoes
  • didn't even go up to the buffet
  • hubby offered me a bite of each of the desserts he got and I took one bite of each (except the coffee one he knew I wouldn't like) and declined any more bites except for the one that I liked best
  • I ended up eating one brownie (small piece)
  • lots of standing and bouncing (Sierra came with us)
  • nursing (woo calorie burning!)

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