Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tonight's meeting

I feel on top of the world right now. My WW leader was singing my praises during the meeting in front of everyone :) She talked about my blog, my facebook, my cooking and my husband. I'm sooo happy right now. Our meeting is so blessed to have her as the leader. Some new ladies behind me were talking about how funny she was and it's so true... No, Kathy you weren't babbling. Everyone was following you and we all think you're so awesome. You're the reason I come every week, other than the sit down part of course.

Another thing we spoke about at the meeting was food as rewards. I talked to the ladies behind me and realized that I didn't express myself quite the way I wanted to, to them. After I spoke to them, I realized exactly how the food as rewards was meant.

After thinking about it, I would say that I think treats and rewards are very different. What I do for myself once a week on WI day, is a treat for a good week. I indulge myself in the things I rein myself in from eating through out the week because they're higher points and I have to try hard to stay on plan during the week. My points have already gone down by 5 points each day.

In the WW weekly, there's a note in there about the old thinking before WW of someone saying, "If I lose five pounds, I'll reward myself with ice cream." I think there's a certain point where you can say things like that, but it's not good to do that all the time. I don't reward myself for losing little amounts. It's an achievement and the reward comes from people saying how fantastic that is when I tell them. Even for my 50 and 75lb losses I'm not planning on doing a food related thing for them. Buying a fitness video game for my 50lb seems like a great way for me. I really want Zumba 2 so I'm motivated. When I get my 75lb I'm planning on doing some shopping and when I hit goal I'll do some more shopping too :)

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