Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 19 Day 7 Weigh In!

I'm starting a new morning WI for the time being since I have cancelled my WW subscription as of right now. The reason is this: I'm pregnant. That's why I've been eating maintenance points and going over my weeklies. I hope to be off WW until November which would be about 6 weeks post partum. Hoping and praying everything goes well and this baby gets carried to term.

Weight today: gained 0.2lbs.

Crack down next week. I ate too much and I'm feeling ill now. I think I've done what I feared. I'm using this pregnancy as an excuse to eat the stuff I don't usually eat.

1. cheerios: 6 P+
2. milk: 4 P+
Total: 10 P+

1. sour skittles: 8 P+
Total: 8 P+

1. sidekicks: 12 P+
Total: 12 P+

1. whistle dogs: 12 P+
2. bagel bites: 15 P+
Total: 27 P+

Water Drank: 8/12 c.

Total: 39/39
Weeklies Used: too many/49
Weeklies Left: negative one million/49
AP's Earned This Week: 0


  1. Thanks J! I know you'll have congrats coming to you soon with Rea being born! I'm so excited for you!