Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 18 Day 7 Weigh In!

I gained 1.2lbs this week. That's okay because I was starving today and I needed to eat before weigh in. Even if I hadn't eaten I probably would have stayed the same anyways. I also changed my pants that I always wear to WI to a heavier pair. I've been really bloated and I've got a secret too. I'm adding a few maintenance points starting tomorrow. I'm going to be trying to maintain my weight for the next little while.

1. apple: 0 P+
Total: 0 P+

1. toast: 2 P+
Total: 2 P+

1. mac and cheese: 4 P+
Total: 4 P+

1. perogies: 13 P+
2. sausages: 8 P+
3. chips: 2 P+
4. toblerone: 7 P+
Total: 30 P+

Water Drank: 10/12 c.

Total: 33/33
Weeklies Used: 3/49
Weeklies Left: 3/49
AP's Earned This Week: 4

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