Sunday, January 8, 2012

I still feel giddy

I still feel giddy when I WI and I'm in the 100's. As far as I am below 200 (3.4lbs I think), I don't think I could even reach the 200's again in a week of semi-gluttony. I'm sure it's possible if I WANTED to reach the 200's again I could do it. But the way I'm going now, I don't think I could, even on a bad week.

I just feel so much skinnier than I did when I was over 200lbs. It feels great.

Still no one other than the people that I've told, have mentioned my weight loss. But I feel much better now about my weight because I'm about 6lbs from my wedding weight from July 2010 and when I saw my grandparents at that point. I hadn't seen my grandma since that point and when I saw her in August 2011 the first thing she said to me was that I had gained weight. I hadn't told her. But I felt like SHIT. I knew I'd go back to WW but it really made me feel terrible. I'd had a terrible year with my grandpa dying and my dog dying and my miscarriage along with the drama from work.

But anyways, I'm exciting to be almost back to my wedding weight because beyond that, I've only got 14lbs to go before I reach my lowest adult weight ever.

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  1. Its a wonderful feeling 2 reach and beat ur goals and I hope that u never loose that giddy wonderful happy feeling! CONGRATS on all ur hard work!