Monday, December 19, 2011

Fast Food

I realized, while commenting on a post on, that I haven't had any fast food since mid September when we started on Weight Watchers. I had 2 pieces of stuffed crust pizza with family after my cousin's funeral but I don't really consider pizza fast food (we eat homemade stuff every week and I get pizza at my favourite restaurant most of the time).

Other than times where my family normally would be eating at fast food places, I don't miss it at all. We went on the ferry and normally on trips out of town like that, I would be eating McD's for breakfast rather than ferry food since it's cheaper.

I've thought about going to Wendy's for tuesday treat dinner but when the time rolls around, I haven't checked the points on what I want, and I've decided I'd rather have mac and cheese :)

Obviously I really just don't want it anymore.

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