Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why I eat under my points

As you can see on this page, my weeklies that I've eaten has shot up dramatically from my first month and a half OP. My first two weeks (Sept), I averaged about 1 WP per day. My first full month (Oct), I averaged about 1.6 WP per day. In November, I had a few rough weeks and my average shot up to 7.5 WP per day. That's REALLY high and that basically means that in November I basically at all my weeklies and then MORE.

Last month (Dec), I averaged 6.5 WP per day which was great for a holiday month with parties and trips, etc. I strived to bring that number down from my November average and I was able to.

My DPA has only gone down 5 points so far. It only drops 1 point at a time. So the reason I've been going over into so many WP is all mental because living on one less point per day isn't difficult. I think I'm getting worried about living on 29 PP. But at least living on 29 PP won't be forever. Once I hit goal weight, my maintenance points will go up.

Lately I've been purposely eating light lunches and breakfasts because I know I don't need to eat that much food. If I strive to be BELOW my number of DPA each day, I usually can achieve it. If I don't think about it every day, I end up above my DPA especially at this time of year because I have a drawer full of candy from my stocking on christmas day.

Sometimes I only end up eating 25 PPs in a day. That usually happens when I have a light dinner and a normal lunch because I'm not hungry until after 12pm. Those are good days and they help make up for the days when I'm going crazy with hunger lol. :)

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