Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SAS award

Tonight on WW was my 16th week. I got a clapping hands charm that says 16 on it. That's my SAS award. SAS stands for stay and succeed. 

My total loss is 29.8lbs.

Here's my keychain so far.


  1. Wow Well done!! :o)

    We get a 10% keyring, but then apart from that we only get a gold key to attach to it when we get to goal. I think these other little charms for it are fab!

    We do get awards - 5% stickers for each multiple of 5% that we lose (I'm still trying for my 25%!) and my leader gives out decorative stones for each stone that we lose and little sparkly silver 7 stickers for each half stone. Also certificates when you hit 50lb, 75lb, 100lb losses, But i LOVE these key-charms! :o)
    The small successes should be celebrated just as much as the large successes after all!

    I also have a charm bracelet that I treat myself to a charm each time I hit a mini target :o)

  2. Thanks ladies :)

    Tali that's such a cool way they do it too. Can you take a picture of the decorative stone and the silver 7 stickers? That's really cool!

    What kind of charms do you have on your charm bracelet?