Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goal Rewards: 25lbs

My 25lbs reward for myself is to buy Dance Dance Revolution 2 for our Wii.

For some reason this computer I'm on won't let me post a picture so I'll leave you with this link to Amazon. I'm going to go buy it right after work on my way home.

I was thinking to myself a while back that I didn't want DDR 2 as much as I really wanted Lego: Harry Potter Years 5-7 but I thought, "Hmm I don't really need to be sitting on my butt playing a video game as a reward to myself. I need to be MOVING and getting healthier as a reward to myself.

Here's a link to the blog post that made me decide that I really wanted this game :)

If you're a Wii fitness game player, I suggest you follow that blog. He posts deals on the games that pop up on Amazon and reviews of all the new ones as they come out.

I'm most excited for the 2 dance pad workout mode that comes with this game. It looks HARD but so much fun. I just need to figure out how to not make the dance pads slide all over the living room and I'll need to raise the TV a bit so that I won't hurt my neck trying to see it.

My other reward I gave myself was to eat the leftover ice cream cake from my birthday. I don't know if I'll eat it yet but knowing that I reached that goal I set for myself is enough. I can eat it anytime I want now. I might wait until all the holiday parties are over and eat it in the new year.

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