Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 14 Goal Check In & Week 15 Goals

Week 14 Goals:
  • goal weight: 145 pounds: downward going still :)
  • 5 pounds a month: just achieved tonight. 5lbs exactly down this month and one more WI to go :)
  • lose 7.2 pounds by new years: done. I am under 200 :)
  • 8lbs by new years (BBC goal): 5lbs down 3 to go and 2 WI's left
  • one soda per day (2 on friday) IF I drink 8 cups of water per day: achieved and I'm making a decision that I can have 2 sodas on tuesday as well since I don't drink many during the week.
  • try eat less than 5 weeklies on any given day (Tues, Wed (treat days) and Fri (pizza) an exception): failed that one on the first possible day: Thursday... lol
  • eat two of Thurs, Sat, Sun lunches like a work lunch (< 10 PP): I did it, Sat and Sun were good lunch days.

Week 15 Goals:
  • goal weight: 145 pounds
  • 5 pounds a month (done)
  • 8lbs by new years (BBC goal)
  • 5lbs by Feb 1
  • lose at least 2lbs this week
  • one soda per day (2 on tuesday and friday) IF I drink 8 cups of water per day
  • try eat less than 10 weeklies before christmas day (Fri (pizza) an exception)
  • eat five of this week's lunches like a work lunch (< 10 PP)
  • no more than 12 PP in stocking munchies on christmas day

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