Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Week 13 Day 1

I went to my party tonight expecting to eat barely anything but things were so amazingly good and it was Wednesday and one of only two parties I'm going to so I splurged. I'm going to guess that I ate my 17 dailies I had left at that point and probably another 20 on top of that. I will try be good tomorrow night at my other party and stay on points the rest of the week (pizza as usual though) and be especially good at the IKEA cafeteria on Saturday.

1. grapes: 0 PP
Total: 0 PP

1. orange: 0 PP
2. granola bar: 2 PP
Total: 2 PP

1. crackers and meat: 4 PP
2. orange: 0 PP
3. grapes: 0 PP
4. candy canes: 1 PP
Total: 5 PP

1. toast: 2 PP
2. alphagetti: 8 PP
Total: 10 PP

Party Food:
millionaire shortbread, cookie, cheese, cocktail weiners, chicken, crackers
Total: ????

Water Drank: 12/8 c.

Total: 34/34
Weeklies Used: 20/49
Weeklies Left: 29/49
AP's Earned This Week: 0

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